BQC's meet at Sugar Sisters for our post Christmas Party on Jauary 13, 2018. We ate, drank, and played 10 point pitch. Al & Verna Schmidt both won low but Al had a whopping 45 points.  Ron Rowe & Nadine Crampton were the winners of high. Those present were: Steve & Brenda Struble, Ron & Sherlene Rowe, Milt Futhey, Mike & Tina Sproul, Mark & Kathy Schmidt, Jack Toney, Joyce Smith, Al & Verna Schmidt, Sam & Kirstan Wylie, Phil & Patti Sprague, Nadine Crampton, Bill & Vonya Schwertfeger, & Jeff & Jaque Ediger (Sponsers from Venture Grocery Store).  Thanks to all who attended.